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Don’t Let The Kids Grow Up Without Experiencing Mill Basin Day Camp!


During our younger days, we were no strangers to that familiar phrase the old folks used to say…“Enjoy life. We’re only young once!” Today, as parents, it’s something we almost always regard as the be-all and end all for our own kids so that we work our butts off to make sure they do enjoy their youth under the best of circumstances, while growing up to be decent and responsible young men and women. Beyond school and what values we teach them at home, there’s summer camps around the country or, if you’re living within the suburbs or vicinity of New York City, there’s Mill Basin Day Camp, a Brooklyn day camp.
If you’ve been to a summer camp yourself when you were a kid, the experience hopefully left you with a good impression. At the very least, the experience must have been something worthy enough to deserve some notations or photos in your slam book.
Expect to have more than just great fun at Mill Basin Day Camp.
It’s great to be the best summer day camps in Brooklyn. Mill Basin Day Camp offers a fun-filled, thrill-a-day variety of activities for its campers. There’s an outdoor swimming pool, there’s arts and crafts, karate, dance, gymnastics, sports, magic, video game room, a baking center, giant screen theatre and of course, computers. What happens is that each group of kids follows a pre-determined, structured schedule each day. Except for swimming, which is part of the daily activity, all others are evenly distributed so that each cluster of campers gets to participate in all that this day camp has to offer.
The Other Good Values.
Mill basin day Camp has now become the largest and most popular summer day camp in Brooklyn and Queens. Parents who have sent their children here are all praises and have not the tiniest doubt or qualms about endorsing this exciting place to their friends and extended families. Part of the camp’s popularity stems from the fact that the people behind this Brooklyn day camp know that childhood is a time of profound change and development. They work to ensure that for the kids, change happens for the better. And so, transcending the fun aspect, these guys focus as well on developing and preparing our kids with the skills and competencies they’ll need to face the challenges of our fast-paced world.
1) It promotes community living. With its activities, the camp shows kids how to live together, share and care for each other. In other words, it provides opportunities for the children to stretch their social, emotional and physical, cognitive muscles beyond the context of their direct families. It teaches them that at the end of the day, “No man is an island.”
2) It teaches critical thinking. The camp allows for the kids to be involved in the learning process. It teaches the kids how to relate, connect, empathize or inspire innovation. Sure the schools will take care of the science and math, but without the ability to connect with other people, the kids will be hard put trying to make a difference in their future world.
3) The experience of embracing the natural environment becomes first hand. With less and less opportunities to be outdoor, the camp allows the kids to catch the Summer Sun rays and feel the warmth of the morning sun on their faces – a refreshing re-awakening of how important the environment is to all of us.
When you go through the gates of Mill Basin Day Camp (http://www.millbasindaycamp.com), there’s no running away from it. You’ll know instantly the kids are in for a treat. And when they come out having learned several of the important and great values in life, you’d be glad you decided for a Brooklyn Day Camp (http://www.millbasindaycamp.com).

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