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Alupas History


In depth Analysis of Alupas History at Mintage World

In the Vijayanagara Period, Alupas dynasty was called Tulunadu or the land of the Tuluvas. To know more exciting facts about Alupas history, download the […]

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Kushan Empire History


Explore The History of Kushana Empire with Mintage World

Explore the History of Kushana Empire which was a part of immense cultural, economic, political and geographical growth. At Mintage World get a clear overview […]

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Magadha Empire History


Know The History of Magadha Janapada at Mintage World

Download complete PDF to learn about the History of Magadha Janapada at Mintage World. Find out in detail about significant events, rulers, conquests, lifestyle, culture […]

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History of Lodi Dynasty – Mintage World

Learn in detail about the end of the Delhi Sultans through the History of Lodi Dynasty. Mintage World shares the various important events and rulers […]

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Epic World History of Mauryan Empire in India – Mintage World

The Mauryan Empire History has a lot of significance as it was the biggest kingdom of its time. Read and learn about the History of […]

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Gupta Dynasty


A Cultural History of Gupta Empire at Mintage World

Learn in detail about the History of Gupta Empire and why it belonged to the “Golden Era” when arts, science and literature flourished tremendously. Mintage […]

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Suri Dynasty


Complete history of Suri Dynasty at Mintage World

The Suri Dynasty was established by Sher Shah Sur, who belonged to a Pashtun dynasty of Afghanistan. To know in detail about Suri Dynasty history, […]

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Muhammad Ghori History


Clear Insight Into The History of Muhammad Ghori through Mintage World

Learn about the first Islamic invasion of India through the History of Muhammad Ghori. Muhammad ghori history explained at Mintage World will give you a […]

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British India History


Glorious Stories About History of British India

From the rebellion of 1857 to India’s independence, History of British India has a lot of glories stories to narrate. Learn about British India history […]

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Alauddin Khalji


Khaljis Dynasty History – Uncover Unknown Aspects in Detail at Mintage Worl...

Did you know that the Khilji Dynasty was of Turkic origin? To know more fascinating aspects about the Khiljis dynasty history, read the complete article […]

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