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We believe as you all now SEX is in the mind and it is a very intimate and special to every human being. We are committed to secure and safeguard the interests of the very innate issues of both man and women.

Healthy sexuality depends on good mental and physical health and / or functioning. There seem to be many challenges that can affect sexual functioning, which may include anxiety, depression, fertility issues, illness, disease, aging and disability. However, learning to adapt to these challenges is very important in maintaining a positive view of sexuality.

So we try to first of all ease the visitors ( sorry we don’t call our “visitors” as “patients”) and reassure them that for whatever issues they are visiting our clinics or this page; please be reassured that your problem is many a times NOT VERY BIG ISSUE. IT CAN BE EASILY TREATED.

Sexual issues are very common, In fact most of the times they are not even any symptom of any organic disease process or functional problem. Many of them are very basic issues because of ignorance, myths, and social taboos lead to development of anxieties, distress and further worsening of the problem in question.

At Top Doctors in Delhi Male / Female biological as well as sexual issues are treated to utmost satisfaction. There is availability of both by male and lady doctors. And the female partners don’t need to worry. For couple sexual issues, newly married couple and individual women we offer both individual counseling’s as well as couple counseling by our experts and Top Doctors in Delhi.

Several thousand of our patients have been blessed with happiness by getting got rid of their very intimate personal problems, like Premature Ejaculation, Erectile Dysfunction, Performance anxiety, Vaginismu, loss of libido, Sexual Weakness, Menstrual disorders, UTI, Leucorrhoea, PCOD etc. through appropriate medical advice based on individualized therapies.

The mantra at Dr. Monga’s Health World / Top Doctors in Delhi especially our chief experts Dr. Yuvraj Monga & Dr. Jyoti Monga is their empathetic approach with their patients in listening to their problems in details and treating them with holistic methodology not only including a scientific combination of Ethical Ayurveda and modern medicines, but also counseling, teaching exercises and various techniques. This reinforces positive re-assurance among the patients that they are in safe hands and their ailments can be surely treated to their satisfaction.

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Acidity may be a symptom of defect in digestion. it’s the excessive accumulation of acid within regulator of abdomen that is understood as acidity. Food is digestible properly with the assistance of acids and enzymes. Hence, acid is incredibly vital for correct digestion of food. Lack of acid may end up within the kind of upset stomach and constipation.

The problem of acidity is caused by several factors. abdomen ulcers and reflux malady will increase acidity. Anxiety, anger and stress increase the speed of acid formation in abdomen. Constipation and flatulence are capable to awake acidity. Excessive intake of caffein primarily based beverages like tea and occasional or cooked and too spicy food; stimulates the glands answerable for formation of acid. deadly sin and uptake too quickly could cause upset stomach so towards acidity. Long gaps between meals and planning to bed right once having meal offer the acid longer to act. aspect impact of sure medicine will increase the number of acid. Excessive smoking and excessive intake of alcohol results in sure liver disorders that may be the explanation of acidity. In short, acidity may be a disorder which might be caused due to unhealthy habits, faulty diet and sure conditions of system. There square measure remedies to forestall acidity from distressful our daily routine.

1. combine one teaspoon of roast cumin seeds with quarter teaspoon of roast fenugreek seeds additionally add quarter teaspoon of flavouring. Pinch a bit little bit of
asafetida during this mixture. Add mythical monster salt to style and stir this mixture for sixty seconds. Grind this mixture within the kind of powder.
1 tablespoon of curd double daily.

2. Pineapple is sort of a tonic for system. It relieves from organic process disorders. therefore develop a habit of getting glass of juice once each meal.
3. Eat one carrot everyday. it’ll increase the formation of spittle and it’ll additionally improve digestion. Juice of carrot is additionally terribly helpful. It helps the body to get eliminate toxins.
4. For a fast relief from acidity; have one glass of cold milk. don’t add sugar, drink it plain.

There square measure some preventions necessary for set acidity. Avoid uptake junk food; rather than it choose to eat recent seasonal fruits and vegetables. Cold drinks; with or after meal ought to be avoided. Avoid drinking caffein primarily based drinks like tea and coffee; instead have alcalescent foods like cucumber juice and watermelons. it’ll neutralize the excessive acid. once these preventions and remedies square measure paired along treatment of acidity are effective and permanent.

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