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ANDRODNA without any fright in your nous. It is like a non-medical yobo affix Precautions: You are only required to feature precautions that are holographic on the packaging of AndroDNA. It is honest that it is an amazingly recyclable ruffian shoplifter supplement, but, you poorness to couple active the precautions of this miraculous matter, to insure that you are not put in harm’s way. It is only for men who work out. This attach is not for men who never set pay in a gym. It is misused pre-workout. Its advisable dosage must be exhausted before effort to the gym for a workout. Strictly for men above than 18. It is prohibited for anyone inferior than 18. Do not overstep the limit of dosage of AndroDNA. If you top the bound, then it may change you. When you are leaving your workout process, then this yob adman increment staleness be withdrawn

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