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Effects of ACID Rain on Humans

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Immediate Effect of ACID RAIN on Humans

Acid precipitation do not have immediate effects on human beings health, whereas acid tends to bring to mind the picture of caustic chemicals dissolving metals and alternative materials. Acid rain does not consists acidic enough pH to burn human skin.
Based on the study taken by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, “As compared to people swimming or walking in clean water, swimming and walking in an acidic puddle does not causes any harm.” However, acid rain cannot burn your skin therefore it is linked to miscellaneous indirect health problems/issues.

Although, acid rain cannot harm human immediately, the sulfur dioxide creates health problems for human beings. Particularly, sulfur dioxide particles in the air can motivate chronic lung issues such as asthma and bronchitis.
In addition to this, the nitrogen oxides that generate acid rain promote the formation of ground-level ozone. While ozone high above the Earth helps block ultraviolet radiation, base level ozone promotes severe lung issues such as acute pneumonia and emphysema.
Acid rain tends to come in thick acidic fog that hangs low, affecting visibility and causing irritation to eyes and nose when acid rains fall at places located at higher altitudes. Trees and plants are greatly affected thus the acidic fog causes their leaves to turn brown and wilt.

Acid rain even causes environmental imbalance despite of the affects of acid rain on air quality. Direct fall of acid rain on trees and crops can cause harm. Getting off from acid rain drain minerals like aluminium from soil, whereas reducing its pH and making the soil acidic. Acidic soil is harmful for the crop growth and hence results in damaged harvests.
The great disturbance is caused due to the balance of these aquatic ecosystems and causes injury or even death of aquatic organisms when the acidic runoff flows into lakes, rivers and seas. The fishing industry also gets affected through the imbalance in aquatic ecosystems.

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