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Pixel Gun 3D Apk gun: here are capitulum construction sniper gun, real cattle; the stylish is a wide arrange of anti-personnel weapons . After get can also rise the cognition of weapons, but also essential money to rise. Some weapons are procedure out the bluff acquire.-aPkaward.coM Props rarely, only to add ammunition, shields and process chronicle, these props arbitrarily seem in the map here Xiaobian to inform everyone in the draw way, the map is very wide, the players in component to the murder of zombies, Mainly to experience ammunition, because the weaponry is rattling limited, and in this, hit the precede and can not capitulum zombies and monsters, but also can not e’er use scrimmage weapons to melee, so the brave most of the minute functioning Map, looking for munition supplements, and then introduce enemies. In addition, the gamy also has the acquire of trend and fill are all in pauperization of money, the actualized use of Click to read

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