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Over the last few years, investment casting which is also known as a lost wax casting has emerged as the most important manufacturing procedure for making manufacturing parts. Cost, design, and feasibility to manufacture all these factors dictate which process of investment casting in Gujarat is suitable for manufacture a product. At Precimetal, we are having several years of experience in the field of investment casting. Investment casting or lost wax casting manufactures precision-engineered parts while minimizing energy, subsequent machining, and material waste.

Investment casting or lost wax casting is one of the centuries-old manufacturing processes. This process is used to make engineered parts from the molten metals. The process employs a shell made of plaster, plastic or ceramic that is made around a wax. Once the material is hardened its geometry takes shape of the manufactured casting. Because of a wax pattern is melted out in this process hence, it is also known as lost-wax casting. This process can be done in several ways and at Precimetal, it is done with precision.

Investment Casting Manufacturing

Investment casting is a critical process for the production of manufactured parts in different forms. This can only be done appropriately by using the right equipment, tools, and methods. Precimetal Cast Pvt Ltd is a leading Investment casting manufacturing company in India. Our experts always assure the excellent quality of the lost wax process. The company is comprising of well-experienced and skilled engineers who are accompanied by the operations team members. When our engineers focus on the production part, the operation team keeps updating our customers. The investment casting process at Precimetal involves a coating over the shell with a liquid slurry material, it enables to produce components and products with an amazing surface finish. Additionally, the lost wax casting process supports a different variety of components, some of them include a ceramic, plastic, plaster, etc. The investment casting process at Precimetal Cast Pvt Ltd involves a certain step which includes: Evaluation of Drawing, Method card, Mould manufacturing, Wax models, Assembly, Shell building, De-waxing, Shell baking, Pouring, knock out, cut-off, heat-treatment, finished casting, inspection.

Investment casting minimizes the waste as compared to other processes of casting hence, it is considered as a highly efficient process. Although most of the casting is small, the investment casting process is used to manufacture castings weighing 1,000 pounds and more than this. This capability has some limitation hence, it requires special tools and equipment and expertise to handle the casting process. Most of the casting components fall in the range of 20 pounds.

With the best tools and materials and a discussion with the casting expert of Precimetal Cast Pvt. Ltd. you can choose one of the best investment casting companies.

Investment Casting in Gujarat Investment casting manufacturing

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