What Are Dental Emergencies? How to Deal With Them

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 Are you suffering from severe pain?
 Does your mouth bleed while brushing?
 Are your teeth mobile/loose?
 Do you have any swelling in your mouth inside or outside?

Dental emergencies are very common, but one should have the knowledge to handle the situation in case of stress or emergency. Proper maintenance of oral hygiene and regular visit to dentist can help to reduce the chances of experiencing a dental emergency.

The most common dental emergencies may include teeth that are –

• Forced out of position causing loosening of tooth
• Facial trauma
• Fractured facial bones.
• Chipped, Broken or fractured tooth
• Infection indicating an abscess

Treatment will depend on the severity of the damage. For example a chipped tooth is slightly damaged; it can be corrected by smoothening, of maybe restoring the tooth by bond and composite filling material. If the damage is beyond dentin and pulp involvement with severe pain, then the tooth should be treated (RCT).

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